How different would your life look right now if you weren't afraid?

Fear lies to us, telling us that it will keep us safe. But the truth is that fear never keeps us safe, it only keeps us small. It is time to learn to live Fearlessly!

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 If you know you were created with a BIG destiny, but you feel stuck, powerless, and lost, THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU!


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Fear is a liar and a thief

How different would your life look right now if you weren't afraid of anything? What goals would you be chasing? How much money could you be making? What kind of impact could you be having on the world RIGHT NOW if fear wasn't holding you back?


Fear's dirty little secret

Fear will steal your Identity, your Purpose, and your Destiny if given the chance, but fear has a dirty little secret it doesn't want you to know...

You were born with ZERO fears. ALL fear is learned and, therefore, ALL fear can be UN-learned! 

There are 7 simple Secrets to becoming Fearless shared in this book and when you discover them, your life will change forever. 

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As a Corporate Consultant 

& Executive Coach to high

performing Leaders,

Entrepreneurs, and



I have seen a pattern emerge:

  • When you feel "stuck" and just can't ascend to the next level, it can always be traced back to a lie that fear has convinced you to believe. 
  • Understanding the truth about fear CRUSHES the control it has been exercising in your life and gives you your POWER back
  • Fearlessness is the platform from which ALL success springs
  • Learning the 7 Secrets to Becoming Fearless frees leaders to Lead boldly, even as they are still in the process of "becoming."

You were created and designed to win. This book is your blueprint to BREAKTHROUGH!



What people are saying about 

The Fearless Revolution


Krystee Morgan De Souza

Screenwriter, Copywriter, Founder of Showrun Your Life & Showrun Your Brand

 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️    This book came into my life just when I needed it – I had spent most of my adult life drowned by fears – fear of not being good enough, smart enough, capable enough, pretty enough… just not enough, period. And yet, on the outside, I present as a very confident, high-performing, successful woman. When I heard Sandy speak during a workshop I attended, it was like she was in my head. I could see that she had lived the very journey I was living and had overcome fear. She was ten years down the road… and her road looked really nice. I got and read the entire book in 3 days. At a certain point, I realized I was underlining every single sentence and decided to put the pen down, trusting that the information was soaking into my spirit and my soul. Her honest and conversational tone allows for easy reading and retention, and her stories are so relatable! Hearing her describe my inner turmoil so precisely made me realize I was not alone in this. This book taught me that I can indeed break my contract with fear (secret #2). Realizing that I had been ALLOWING fear to control me kind of pissed me off, and made me aggressively take back the power and agency of my own life back. I now recognize the voice of fear much more quickly and before it can spin a narrative that takes over my decision-making, I simply tell it to “Back off!” The way Sandy breaks down imposter system, and her concept of ‘identity corruption’ truly changed my life too. I love that the book is broken down into 7 secrets – with tips, tricks and stories. I often go back to read 1-2 secrets at a time – so rather than re-reading the whole book, I just identify where I am struggling in the moment and jump straight to the part of the book that addresses that secret. I am officially a Fearless Revolution fan girl. I have now done Sandy’s coaching programs that go along with the book as well and I wish this stuff was taught in schools to young kids. God knows it would have saved me a lot of years. Sandy’s wisdom is on another level, and I have her and this book to thank for helping me break my contract with fear once and for all to live confidently and fearlessly. 

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