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Pre-recorded Coaching Course


So what happens after I learn to kick fear out of my life and begin to live FEARLESSLY?

Great question, we'd love to answer that! We believe that ALL success springs from a platform of Fearlessness. Once Fear has been denied a seat at your Decision Making Table, you will be free to focus on WHO you were created to be and WHAT you were designed to do in this life.Fear wants to keep you confused and uncertain, but clarity is key to achieving Breakthrough.

Sandy created a Coaching Program called:

Monetize Your Mission for just this purpose! 

Who were created to be? What superpowers do you carry? What power do you possess?

When you learn the 7 Secrets to Becoming Fearless, you will be FREE to:

Rediscover your True Identity, prospect for your Passions, uncover your Destiny, and learn how to monetize your Mission in life! 

You were created to live in a natural state of abundance and flow, but fear acts as a barrier to the prosperity that is meant to flow consistently into your life.

Fear will also paralyze you into inaction by feeding you lies about how you aren't good enough, smart enough, or powerful enough to accomplish your BIG GOALS.

Fear keeps you living a smaller life than you were intended to live by convincing you that you still lack the resources or strength necessary to fulfill your Purpose. 

BUT...when you learn to FEAR-less

you can:




The 5 Day Monetize Your Mission 101 Mini-Lab will help you:

* Treasure Hunt your true God-given Identity

* Prospect your passions

* Discover you Destiny

* Create a plan to Monetize Your Mission so that you can work professionally in your Purpose 

All This for only $97

Come with us on this epic journey to explore and learn to Monetize Your Mission

You were designed to be a Solution to other people's problems! And here is the really good news: those people will gladly PAY YOU to solve those problems!
You were created with a BIG DESTINY and a HIGH CALLING so stop letting fear call the shots in your life.
It is time to move beyond courage and begin to walk in Fearlessness...what do you have to lose?