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Breakthrough Coaching

Are you ready to get un-stuck and breakthrough to success?!

In my most popular 1 on 1 Coaching Program, you can go from uncertain, unclear, or stuck to BREAKTHROUGH in 90 short days! This coaching program is for you if you can see where you want to go, but just can't seem to get there on your own. We all have blind spots and we all need coaching from time to time to get a clear view of the landscape of our lives and strategize a powerful plan to move forward.
In our time together we will ask the right questions to draw out the elusive answers for which you've been searching. Here is a secret: If you want to get un-stuck, make a decision. At any given moment, most of us are putting off making a decision in some area of our lives because we are afraid to get it wrong. When you feel stuck, act decisively. Make a decision that you have been avoiding. Don't worry about making the right decision, just choose a direction and take one step ahead.
Taking imperfect action trumps inaction every time. It is time to take that action.

How it works:

  • We will meet for a 50 minute Zoom call twice monthly
  • You will have two hours of Marco Polo processing/coaching time every week 
  • You will also have email access to me to float ideas, ask questions or send information for me to review and/or edit.


We will cover :

  • Give clear, accurate language to your goals and dreams
  • Break down habitual negative behaviors and put healthy new habits in place
  • Moving from Decision Paralysis to Decision Kinesis
  • Strategize new structures or processes that need to be implemented
  • Consider your team dynamics and recruit as needed
  • And much more

After 90 days, you let me know if you are ready to strike back out on your own or if you'd like to continue on a month-to-month basis. 

If you choose to continue our consulting relationship after 90 days, we will put you on a month-to-month auto payment plan of just $750 (a 10% savings). You can stop our consulting anytime with 30 days notice.

Let's do this!